• Views From the Floor

    How many standard deviations? Momentum and Value change places; Iran and China thumb the nose to the US; and EPS forecasts are way off.

  • ESG Integration – No Silver Bullet

    Using tools available – exclusion lists, constraints and signal combinations – how can one effectively integrate responsible investment in a portfolio?


    We have a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, open communication, and strong collaboration.

  • Man Institute: Bringing Together Minds at Man Group

    All of Man Numeric’s research, along with insights from across Man Group, can now be found in our new content hub.

Man Numeric

Man Numeric

  • Systematic security selection through a fundamental, bottom-up approach
  • Highly experienced investment professionals enhance and complement the quantitative process
  • Diversified exposure across global equity markets through long-only and alternative strategies
  • Research-driven culture focused on innovation and enhancement, spanning alpha generation, risk management, portfolio construction and implementation
  • Significant focus on capacity management
  • Established in Boston in 1989

Latest Research

We've recently open-sourced another tool, called D-Tale (a.k.a. "the details of your data") a lightweight tool allowing users to view all aspects of their data while at the same time maintaining the ability to perform simple operations such as sorting, filtering and formatting.

What are the implications of the rapid growth of passive strategies in emerging market equities?

Ori Ben-Akiva

What steps can an investor take to mitigate the impact of a large equity correction?

Professor Campbell R. Harvey, Edward Hoyle, Sandy Rattray, Matthew Sargaison, Daniel Taylor, CFA, Otto van Hemert

Welcome to Man Numeric

Man Numeric is an institutional investment manager based in Boston, Massachusetts. We manage assets for clients globally, including corporate and public pension plans, foundations, endowments, and sovereign funds.

Since our founding in 1989, we have remained committed and focused on efforts to consistently outperform benchmarks to deliver excess returns over the long term for our clients. Strategies range from long-only, active extension, and market neutral equities across geographic regions, investment styles and capitalization strata.

Our long-standing commitment to carefully manage capacity has enabled us to focus on maximizing alpha for our clients.


  • 1989 FOUNDED





Information as at 30 June 2019

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