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"Man Numeric has a unique culture where intensity intersects with collaboration, creativity, and openness. Our partnership mentality continues to foster the entrepreneurial spirit upon which the firm was founded. We work hard and play hard, and encourage a healthy work-life balance."
Shanta Puchtler
President and CEO

Life at Man Numeric

Got an idea? We love that. We work hard, learn constantly, and encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

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Our highly experienced professionals are collaborative, analytical, and open. Read our Man Numeric stories.

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Technology is the lifeblood of our firm. We constantly invest in it and seek to be on the cutting edge.

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Founded in 1989, we have an established history in the institutional asset management space.

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Life at Man Numeric



Perpetually learning.

Dealing with the financial markets teaches us to be humble, to improve, and to adapt. This is why at Man Numeric we foster a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning. We host introductory boot camp sessions, ongoing educational seminars, and brown bag lunches. We encourage the professional growth and development of all employees by providing a mentoring program and offering opportunities for internal mobility.

Man Numeric values the diversity of our people and the learning opportunities that result from having a wide variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our leadership team is committed to education and devotes time to providing hands-on training and sharing insights.







Got an idea? We love that!

Man Numeric’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. Our past has taught us that the best results come from the bottom-up. We encourage employees to take initiative and run with their ideas. Nurturing research and innovation is important for our process and ultimately the performance of our products. Empowering employees is an integral part of our culture.

Have you ever wondered how machine learning can be used to predict the appearance of a Pokémon character in the Pokémon Go game? Someone at Numeric did! While we work on innovative ideas every day, bi-annually we host an internal, 24-hour hackathon, where we encourage everyone to try their wildest ideas, take risks and develop these ideas into useable applications.

We don't believe that innovation happens in solitude. Our office is set up to encourage communication across business lines and all levels of management. Our neighborhood on Boston’s waterfront is booming, and we aim to innovate alongside our Seaport neighbors while enjoying the water views.






Healthy body, healthy mind.

It can be hard to find the time to stay fit, but we believe that exercise helps everyone both in their personal and professional lives. That is why we find it beneficial to provide employees with free access to an on-site gym.

In addition, we organize many popular events, such as hiking, rock climbing, and lunch runs. We have a ping-pong table in the office and host tournaments for those with a more competitive spirit.

At Man Numeric, we fully believe that a healthy body nurtures a healthy and productive mind.









Work hard, play hard.

At Man Numeric, we like to celebrate. Our annual summer outing has something for everyone; the adventurous can enjoy water sports such as kayaking or sailing, while nature lovers can observe the marine life along the beach or relax while touring a castle. Every December, Man Numeric also hosts a holiday party for all employees.

Throughout the year, our people love a good puzzle! Beyond the typical after-work gatherings, we offer puzzles and games in the office for employees to use during lunch or after work, and organize escape-the-room events and trivia nights. Man Numeric connections happen inside and outside work.








Paul Kamenski, CFA

Co-Head of Credit

“As an undergraduate in materials science and engineering, I first joined a research group studying the welding of dissimilar aluminum alloys. Although I enjoyed casting samples in the foundry and welding them together, I was more excited about the computational materials research being done in the department. In 2006, I started computational research studying atomistic modeling and found real joy and excitement using programming to study the world. Through a co-op at Oak Ridge National Lab and graduate studies at Oxford in the materials department, I gained more experience with model design and the ins and outs of the research process. I also picked up investing as a hobby during graduate school, reading every investment book I could get my hands on. Investing was something I quickly became very passionate about. Working at Man Numeric has allowed me to mix that passion with my computational research skills into a career I love.

Man Numeric’s culture has given me opportunities to move from portfolio analyst, to technology, to research. Each role helps develop my skills and contribute meaningfully in different ways. From our CEO’s board game night each quarter to our mentoring program and staff meetings, I appreciate how management truly cares about making our work enjoyable, how they make themselves accessible to us, and how they support opportunities for growth and better understanding the firm’s prospects and strategy.”

Ashok Muthusamy

Senior Quantitative Researcher

“I joined Man Numeric after finishing my master’s degree, and I am impressed by how the firm has leveraged my skills and encouraged my professional growth. I started formally on the trading desk, doing trade cost analytics and modeling. Before long, I was also getting involved in research, and after a couple years I now find myself as a full-fledged researcher, working on a combination of trading and alpha modeling projects. As a result of my new role I have experienced a steep learning curve, which has been enabled through strong mentorship from multiple senior people at the firm. The Man Numeric leadership team is very engaged: they roll up their sleeves, write code, provide training and insight, and they have been very generous with their time.

Everything is not always about work at Man Numeric, which is something that I really appreciate. For example, several of us became interested in mountaineering and ended up leading a Man Numeric expedition up Mount Rainier – together! I realize mountaineering isn’t for everybody, but this illustrates the firm’s culture of collaboration not just at work but in other areas of personal passion as well, and as a young professional that is something that I really appreciate.”



Jay Rajamony, PhD, CFA

Head of Alternatives

“My work combines three aspects: portfolio management, talking to clients and prospects, and research. Each of those aspects feeds the other. It is the combination of all three that makes my work enjoyable. To do justice to any of these, you have to work with teams of people and have the ability to juggle various projects. Creativity balanced with practicality – an engineering mindset that I developed working with instruments and messy data as a seagoing oceanographer. There is value to remaining curious and analytical even when markets are choppy. Those who thrive here at Man Numeric have a collaborative quality beyond being creative and risk taking – they are ready to share their time and energy with others. And this collaboration is what leads to the robustness of our strategies and makes Man Numeric a great place to work.”


At Man Numeric we team innovative technology with talented investment professionals.


While computers have revolutionized the investment industry, we believe it is the combination of people and technology that produces the best results. We take a problem-driven approach to design and development by letting the problem drive the tools and technologies we use. We continually invest in technology as we strive to stay ahead of the curve.

It all starts with data. Lots of it. We source vast amounts of data from numerous vendors to feed our research and portfolio management processes. This poses constant technological challenges. We are continuously improving our data delivery by innovating the methods used for data storage solutions and building a next-generation research platform for data science.

Black box? Not so much. We believe in the strong partnership between technology and portfolio managers. We are building model introspection tools that empower portfolio managers to visualize and review data inputs and intermediary calculations within the models.


Go beyond the models. Our proprietary trading system gives portfolio managers and traders inventive and highly flexible ways to monitor and direct order flow. This allows us to tailor customized strategies for our clients to help meet their specific needs.

Technology is evolving. And so are we. We are constantly investing in technology as a strategic way to gain a competitive edge. We are big believers in open source technology; not only as users, but as contributors as well. Arctic, co-developed with Man AHL, is a high performance data store for time series and tick data which is freely available on GitHub.

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Man Numeric’s Hackathon

24 hours. Twice a year.
All the resources you need. Working on whatever you like. Everything is a nail. Here is your hammer … Man Numeric’s Hackathon.

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Since our founding by Lang Wheeler in November 1989, we have remained committed to the concept of consistently adding value to our clients' portfolios above their stated benchmarks. As Lang aptly put it, “no alpha, no business.” Our product suite has grown from a single U.S. equity strategy to include long-only, active extension and long-short equity strategies across geographic regions, investment styles and capitalization strata. At the same time the firm has grown from a few billion dollars in assets and a handful of employees in the 1990’s to over $20B AUM and approximately 100 employees today. With this growth we have invested significantly not just in research and investment capabilities, but also in our trading team, every aspect of our technology groups, as well as all the other functions of the business.

Important milestones in our development


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