We believe our approach to investing is reflected in our culture: It is disciplined and analytical, yet reflective and collegial.

We are disciplined and analytical, yet reflective and collegial

We believe our approach to investing is reflected in our culture: It is disciplined and analytical, yet reflective and collegial. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, encourage transparency and open-dialogue, and believe in empowerment with accountability.

Our investment team consists of a mix of thoughtful, seasoned professionals, with backgrounds from some of the largest and most well-regarded investment firms in the business, complemented by portfolio managers and researchers who joined out of school and gained their experience with us. We have long-held beliefs with respect to successful investing yet remain open to new, value-added ideas.

Our research and portfolio management teams are fully integrated. We believe the combination of these skill sets and perspectives will directly benefit our clients. The portfolio managers' skill set includes market knowledge of the fundamental drivers for individual and cohorts of stocks acquired through years of experience engaging security analysts and closely following companies. Our researchers provide a complementary skill set in the form of higher-level quantitative and programming skills that are applied to the development and improvement of our systematic investment process.

The combination of these two skill sets provides for a highly sophisticated, intuitive, and fundamental approach to making investment decisions. We do not make decisions about our investment process simply from observing a pattern in historical data without regard to some fundamental economic rationale for why we may see potential for persistency. This integrated structure makes each career path independent but provides the opportunity for interested personnel to cross over, if desired.

Beyond our investment professionals, our strong infrastructure includes traders, operations, client service, and systems professionals who provide a framework upon which our investment skills are supported. We work hard to maintain a client-centric culture of compliance and high ethical standards.

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The firm was founded by Lang Wheeler, CFA, in November 1989. Since our founding, we have remained committed to the concept of consistently adding value to our clients' portfolios above their stated benchmarks over the long term. Our product suite has grown from a single U.S. equity strategy to include long-only, active extension and long-short equity strategies across geographic regions, investment styles and capitalization strata.


Important steps in our development include:

1989 Numeric founded and launched its first U.S. equity strategy
1990 First market neutral strategy launched
1991 First small cap strategy launched
1995 Algorithmic trading implemented
1998 First international strategy launched
2003 Fundamental Statistical Arbitrage (FSA) strategy launched
2006 First active extension strategy launched
2009 Innovation Portfolio launched
2010 Emerging Markets strategy launched
2013 Global long-only strategy launched
2014 Became a PRI signatory
2014 Acquisition of Numeric by Man Group plc
2015 First UCITS launched
2015 Alternative Beta strategy launched

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