We have committed resources toward building an investment team with strong research and modelling capabilities.

Latest Research

How we’re turning off-the-shelf ESG data into useful and informative signals.

Robert Furdak, CFA, Ethan Gao, Jeremy Wee, CFA, Eric Wu

Quantitative approaches to credit investing creates potential opportunities and may help portfolios eliminate behavioral biases.

Paul Kamenski, CFA, Robert Lam, Jason Moore, CFA

Man Numeric’s Hackathon took place in November 2018.

Low historical correlation to both DM and EM, along with a high retail investor base, may provide an opportunity in China’s state-owned enterprises.

Ori Ben-Akiva, Mickael Nouvellon, CFA, Ziang Fang

Is value dead? To us, the answer is no. We feel value could regain its mojo in a rising inflationary and interest-rate environment.

Daniel Taylor, CFA, Gregory Bond, CFA, Charlotte Lin , Shicong Wang

Liquid PE alternatives allow investors to potentially achieve PE-like returns and risk exposures for lower fees.

John Lidington, CFA, Gregory Bond, CFA

In the context of the risks around China's A-Share market, active managers may be well-placed to add value.

Mickael Nouvellon, CFA, Ori Ben-Akiva

How the quantitative mapping of corporate ‘fundamental networks’ can give a more refined framework for understanding companies.

Charles Liu, PhD, Ed Fang, PhD, CFA

Overcoming the impact of market movement in analysis of equity valuations.

Jayendran Rajamony, PhD, CFA

Building on previous analysis about the impact of 'smart beta' factors on active investment managers, we extend our analysis to ask broader questions across a wider universe.

Robert Furdak, CFA

As outflows continue from active equity to passive and smart beta approaches, we analyze data on major institutional investors in the US to understand the key drivers of this shift.

Daniel Taylor, CFA

We investigate two dynamic strategies that, in contrast to these passive investments, appear to have generated positive performance both in the long-run and particularly so during historical crises.

Edward Hoyle, Matthew Sargaison, Daniel Taylor, CFA, Otto van Hemert

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