We manage assets for clients globally, including corporate and public pension plans, foundations, endowments, and sovereign funds.

Man Numeric's investment strategies

Man Numeric's investment strategies include long-only, active extension, and market neutral equities and reach across geographic regions, investment styles, and capitalization strata.

Added value is derived from stock selection as determined by the output of our quantitative investment models, along with our portfolio managers' knowledge of stocks and sectors.

At Man Numeric we apply a common investment philosophy and stock selection process across all strategy types to build portfolios that are alpha-focused over the long-term and in various market environments. We believe in a balanced approach that utilizes a combination of Valuation and Information Flow signals. Further, a common approach across all Man Numeric strategies enables insights and research to benefit our full array of investment strategies.

Long-only and active extension (130/30)

Man Numeric has managed quantitative long-only equity strategies since our first U.S. large cap strategy was launched in 1989.

The investment philosophy and models utilized are based on our long-standing beliefs in Valuation and Information Flow signals. We now manage strategies utilizing this same investment philosophy in U.S., non-U.S., regional, and global equities across various styles and market capitalizations. Our disciplined portfolio construction process is designed to identify alpha and control sector- and stock-specific exposure. Our long-only and active extension strategies include:

U.S. Equities Non-U.S. Equities
Core Global Core
Value Emerging Markets
Small Cap Core Global Small Cap
Small Cap Value European Core
Small Cap Growth Japanese Core

Market neutral and long-short

Man Numeric has managed market neutral strategies since 1990 with the launch of a U.S. market neutral strategy.

We currently manage market neutral strategies in U.S., non-U.S., regional, and global equities. Our market neutral strategies are benchmarked to the U.S. Treasury Bill Rate and are designed to benefit from both long and short positions. The portfolios are designed to be dollar and sector neutral. Our investment, trading, and operations teams are well-versed on shorting and thus equipped to deal with the challenges presented by the practice of shorting stocks.

Our market neutral and long-short strategies include:

  • Multi-Strategy Market Neutral
  • Absolute Return
  • Socially Aware Multi-Strategy Market Neutral
  • World Market Neutral

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